[Interview] Singer G.NA has a sexy and unusual distinctiveness

[TV Report Reporter Jung Byungkeun] 

Even though we compliment her by calling her names such as ‘mannequin body’ and ‘nine part, golden proportioned,’ singer G.NA to be described as just ‘sexy’ is just not enough. With a bright smile and sparkling eyes, G.NA explains one by one the other songs in her album. Seeing this, it seems that ‘cuteness’ fit her better than ‘sexiness,’ and that more than ‘bold visuals,’ ‘sold seriousness’ matches her better. 

Last year, she debuted with ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’ and rose almost instantly to first place on music programs. Even a month before she started working and participating in her first full-length album, G.NA just couldn’t part from her practice room. This was because the subject of her last album left her with many regrets. She revealed that, “After releasing my album and promoting it, I got to know what my shortcomings were. I felt them one by one and I wanted to change in a developmental way.” 

Even after going into album production, she felt the same way. In a song-making process, G.NA is always there. Whenever a tune is completed, she customizes the song herself and sings it immediately without the need of a guide song. Being that Korean is still awkward for her, she wrote her lyrics in English but she still put lots of her personal emotion into them. That was how her first full-length album ‘Black & White’ was completed. 

The focus of this album was not of transformation, but of bringing out her originality. Perhaps that was why G.NA’s face became even more bright and proud. She explained that, “’I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’ needed some weight. But being that ‘Black & White’ is a song that is light and cute, I can sing it while having fun. Seeing this part, I feel that is closer to my actual appearance.” 

“If you just look at my clothes, hair or make-up, there really wasn’t much change from my debut. However, I think that I can make a huge difference between them by just changing my facial expressions in a peculiar way. I worry about my identity a lot but this album’s bubbly concept was closer to my actual appearance. My looks may seem snobby, but I act cute very often. People who see me for the first time do get surprised though(laughter).”

Like G.NA said, the stage visuals for ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better’ and ‘Black & White’ haven’t changed too much. However, her brighter facial expressions and light bubbly choreography creates unique visuals and harmonizes together to successfully communicate itself as a playful song. Although her Korean is still somewhat awkward, G.NA releases the song’s feelings on stage and lets no one compete with her.

Her album is filled with significant amounts of passion and ability but occasionally, the focus goes on G.NA’s body. Although she was slightly regretful about this, G.NA said, “Through this album, a song is a song but I wanted people to know about this person called ‘G.NA.’” Despite the situation, she reacted rather positively. It also explained that even if the attention is on her visuals, it is still meaningful because it is a way she can let them hear her music.

“My appearance now is only one that I’ve just barely shown you. There are a lot of looks that I’m going to show you from now on. I believe that gathering all those small things together will become my own individual color and that it’ll amount to something. Whatever music I do, I want to hear ‘It’s like G.NA’s music.’ By developing like that, my progress might slow. But if I feel it and my fans feel it, it will give me the passion to live this each and every day.”

Reporter Jung Byungkeun oodles@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = Reporter Kim Jaechang