[INT] 110201 Teen Top C.A.P, 'I'll do everything for my girl'

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Teen Top's leader and charisma rapper C.A.P who has the team's central role for the idol best group survival.

"We heard you have talent for drawing, design etc, so what did you mainly made?

"I made graffitis. I did a lot the design people doing hip-hop draw. The one a made really well were all neatly set in a pile but it disappeared after putting the house in order. (Did you revealed your work on Twitter?) I uploaded twice my drawings, but the reactions were so-so"

"When you're writing lyrics do you write from your own experiences? Or do you imagine it?"

"The basis is my own experience but since I'm young I don't have much experience. So I read and read a lot, and after it I'm using my imagination to write, I'm really trying hard"

"On Mnet 'Scandal' we could see that you were caring for your girlfriend and had this warmth while showing your manliness by breaking with your fist a watermelon, so truthfully how's C.A.P style to girls?"

"I don't know if people will believe me but I'm sentimental, I can do everything for my girlfriend, I think I have a kind personality"

Source : The Star Chosun
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