[INFO] 110209 Nichkhun debunks dating rumors on Mo-Chit Tid Jor

MC 2 2:00-2:05 : For another news Jay, is another guy who is a well known singer who has a Thai blood.
Jay 2:05-2:07 : The most famous man in Asia, I'm sure it's him.
MC 2 2:07-2:08 : Who is it?
Jay + Bebe 2:08-2:09 : Nichkhun
MC 2 2:09-2:10 : exactly
Jay 2:10-2:11 : or also known as "KHUNNIE"
MC 2 2:11-3:05 : Khunnie, popular guy from the land of "kimchi" (Korea) who is well known over Asia is now rumored to have a secret relationship with a Thai girl
I'm sure all of you know Nichkhun who's so far away in Korea, he now has a rumor to be dating a Thai girl.
Khunnie's rumored to be the third wheel between "Bee" and "Tally" (T/N: they're a Thai couple).
and as for Bee who has came out and revealed that its not true at all.
and as for Tally he said "I don't believe that Nichkhun could possibly be the third wheel".
and as for Khunnie's fanclub, they've revealed that his schedule is very hectic there is possibly no way for them to have time and meet.
Seeing this news, a lot of the elderly people might be wondering who "Nichkhun" is and how is it possible that a Korean star can be rumored to have a secret relationship with a Thai girl.
Nichkhun is a Thai boy who had the chance to become famous and debut in Korea, and is now a member of the boy band called "2PM" and is on the top charts for the hottest male in Asia
Jay 3:05-3:29 : Now that everyone knows who Nichkhun is, about the "relationship" between Khunnie and Bee, for me I think we'd have to wait and see in the future.
And I've just sent a bbm (blackberry messenger) to Khunnie saying that I'm about to read the news about you and Bee
MC 2 3:29-3:30 : Because theres a news between him and Bee.
Jay 3:30-3:34 : Khunnie replied "NO!! ITS NOT TRUE"
Bebe 3:32-3:34 : Jay, reply to him!! and say "Bebe misses you!"

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