[DKP Exclusive] Super Show 3 Manila is the "loudest"!

And they invaded the land of pearls again!! Greatest KPop boy group in Asia once again proved how popular are they to Filipino ELF.

February 26, 2011 in Philippines' biggest stadium which is Araneta Coliseum, Super Show 3 Manila was held.

After a year of preparation by PULP Productions, they have been able to bring back the boys in the country. Super Junior support projects and individual projects were prepared by Filipino ELF. The much awaited "super show" is again conquered the hearts of thousands of ELF.

As usual, ELF camped outside the venue the day before the concert. All are excited to see the boys. Just before the show started, the stadium was already filled and screaming fans are uncontrollable.

The show begins with their hottest single "Sorry Sorry". They also performed their current single from 4th album "Bonamana". The boys were so friendly and playful all throughout the concert. They even introduce themselves in English one by one. The boys were actively interacting with fans and even took selcas (self camera).

Unfortunately, SJ-M member ZhouMi was not able to attend the concert because of Visa problem. Kpop group TRAX from same company also performed and graced the concert.

Before the show ends, SJM member Henry's remark, "We've been in different countries, but I love to say that Philippines is the loudest!" made everyone in the stadium felt proud. Aside from that, SJ leader Leeteuk also said (which translated by Henry in English) that in the 5th album they will be better and thanked everyone for supporting them and said, "See you next time!"

One remarkable moment in the ending where other members headed to the backstage is that Leeteuk run to the center and took off his shirt and gave it to the oldest (grandma) ELF in the crowd. He pointed to other ELF and made sure to give the t-shirt to the "grandma" before he leaves the stage.

The humorous charm, the physical appeal, versatile personality and the talents they possessed made them loved by their fans.

Meanwhile, Super Show 3 will end on April where Vietnam will be their last stop.

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