[CAFE] 110220 Yoseob's Post - After the concert ended.. @helloimys


110220 Yoseob's Cafe Post

I feel sort of sad and miss it very much after the concert which makes me keep thinking about the 18th and the 19th!
I believe a lot of you are too!
I feel proud because I think BEAST and B2UTY made a big memory together!

Well..I wanted to give fanservice to as many people as possible who were there.. I didn't want to miss any area so I tried my best by going up where it was not even a stage^^~
If you say that you are sad because you feel like I didn't go to your area as often as the others! We will be running around more more more more more wildly at the next concert!! Promise! So don't be too disappointed and keep only the best memories^^

I still can't forget the eyes of the B2UTY!
I hope another day like that would come soon..!

Thank you to all the people who came..
And.. we will work hard so that people who are disappointed because they couldn't come will be able to come to the next one. B2UTY! Mwah