[Birthday Thread] Happy Birthday to TVXQ's Changmin, Park Shin Hye and Lina!

Today, 18th February is TVXQ's Changmin, Actress Park Shinhye and CSJH (The Grace)'s Lina's Birthday! Do leave your birthday wishes for them here under this post!

If you are interested in finding out which K-POP stars' birthday falls in the month of February, do check out "DKP Birthday" post by clicking the words in bold.

The Grace (CSJH)- Lina (84)

Park Shin Hye (90)

TVXQ- Changmin (88)

And check out this compilation of Changmin!
[Best of Changmin]

Video: daredb

Wishing Changmin, Shinhye and Lina a wonderful birthday~