[Article] The touching story behind SHINee Onew's real life

SHINee Leader Onew turned out to be having difficult times when he was a kid. Read the story below.

When Jinki was young, he was the type of person who went to CD game shops just so that he could play games for free. This kid always tried his best so that he could play the games. However, one day he decided to purchase the game CD as he felt embarrassed for always playing it for free at the shop (he’s really sucha nice kid). He bought the CD game even though he didn’t have the game player. (LOL)

During primary school, Jinki would always tear up when he wrote letters to his parents whenever he thought about how late his parents came home from work.

In middle school, like many other kids his age, he often wanted to go out to play (with friends) but instead, he would help his parents out at work.

In high school, he entered the academy (SM Academy) yet he would still do part-time jobs like delivering newspapers in order to not give his parents a burden. At that age, he also became a vice-class president for other schools. He had some friends whom he was close with and his grades were always in the top ranked. He even ranked #2 in his last year of High School

Jinki’s daily schedule in high school (already SM-trainee at that time)

Wake up at dawn to go swimming and walk to school. Listen well in class

After class (still in uniform), he goes to the training room. Majority of Jinki’s pre-debut pics were of him near SM Academy and of him in uniform. After training, he would go home and do 1000x rope-jumping…this is already very well known (many people know about this)

20 year old Jinki after debut (korean age)

Still the same. No matter if we look at his performances or Night Star, he would continuously greet people. Whenever they needed anything, he would not hesitate to stand up for them. To people who have judged Jinki before, he would still smile at them.

During this Night Star recording when they were blood-donating and amongst his musical rehearsals… was always worried about his health. He even greeted/thanked fans who did not donate blood at that time.

During the day he had to record a program and afterwards he had to record Night Star until midnight. Looking at him becoming skinnier and skinnier day by day, his pants becoming looser and looser…

When he felt hungry, he sat in the corner and ate choco-pie…

Etc etc

This is why ordinary Jinki is not an ordinary person…


source: shakizi

chinese translation: For_SHINee_World’s weibo

eng translation: vivinjolian@tumblr

Such a great man Onew is. What do you guys think?