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Read from bottom up.I'm posting this at late time just in case you guys misunderstand! We all have different personality so none of the members, especially me, doesn't like to wear same apparel! Lastly.. the shirt in the picture is my shirt! Good night everyone!

So he wore that for the stage^^ Every member including me has never, either before debut or after, wore the other members apparel not even once~ There have been times where our apparel was same as the others, either we bought them ourselves or the stylist nuna got as a sponser!

The t-shirt I was wearing in the self camera... I'm just telling just in case you guys misunderstand. Today Junhyung received a t-shirt as a gift that is same as my t-shirt's design. There was a problem with Juhyung's inner t-shirt size which stylist nuna prepared for Thanks to performance today, but luckily there was a shirt given from a fan as a present to him that matched with the style.Survival repot bbabam!!! Greetings has been a little late, right?? Have lots of luck on New Year^^ Even though I can't take self pictures just take it warmly ke

Bbabam is a sound effect similar to ta-da.