[Videos] Hyper Eunteuk DJs on the first monday broadcast for Sukira!

Well let's see,what do we have here? Thats right! Today's Super Junior Kiss the radio(sukira) broadcast is a special one. No guests, no game segments, its just a full 2hr talk/play with the DJs, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk.

On this day, many listeners congratulated the 2 DJs as they are in the 5th year of DJ-ing for Sukira. This special first monday broadcast attracted several celebrities to call in to the radio to give their blessings and wishes. Celebrities like, Actor Shin Hyunjun, Beast Doojoon, gikwang,Super Junior Shindong, Kara Gyuri and 2pm Taecyeon.

Check out the cuts now!

Full article by Ting18@dailykpopnews
Credits: SuperTing7@YT