[Video] Trailer For TVXQ Changmin's "Paradise Ranch" Finally Revealed!

Official trailer for TVXQ Changmin upcoming drama series "Paradise Ranch" is finally out!

Along with SM Entertainment's "music video girl" Lee Yeon Hee, Paradise Ranch will be Changmin's acting debut.

The drama is a 16 episode series and has a story of a young husband and wife who again meet in a horse farm. Chagmin will play the role of Han Dong-Ju, the grandson of a tycoon who behaves as he pleases. He is sent to the beautiful island of Jeju to develop a resort but ends up living in his ex-wife’s house.

I guess this drama will be a good one, and of course a hit!
Honestly i need a diversion, i am still in the hang over mode from Secret Garden.

Let's all wait and see!

Full article by:sukira@dkpopnews.net
Video Cr: SMENT