[Video] Seungri's Thank You Box Special message to VIPS, English Subbed

For all the fans who bought my mini album, thank you very much. The tears are blinding my sight. Finally, the member of Big Bang, Seungri has released an album filled with his voice at the start of 2011 and I'm very happy and excited about the face that I'm able to greet my fans through it. Do you guys like my new album that's filled with a lot of stuff? You said you like it? It's okay, wipe away your tears. Calm down and please listen to what I have to say. Anyways, I'm very happy to be able to prepare for this mini album and I think it's been a really good memory for me. I'm also happy to be able to express myself and write and produce my own songs for all the fans and just being able to greet my fans who bought my mini album and I'm so happy! For all the fans who bought my album, I will treat you guys like a VIP! Thank you everyone who's willing to spend the start of 2011 with me and I hope that everything that you guys do will be a success and that the year will be filled with joy and happiness. ANd once again, let's spend a nice, warm winter with Seungri's new mini album.

cr: The21BANGSTV@youtube