[Trans] Super Junior's 2011 messages!

Check out Super Junior's 2011 Messages!

LeeTeuk: 2011 year of the rabbit!!
Like rabbits, let’s jump far!! Let our 5th album be a hit!!

Yesung: 2011..Only share happiness and love ^^

Shindong: 2011…Always with Shindong! With Super Junior!!

Sungmin: I love you<3>Eunhyuk: This year I’ll do even better…
Everyone give me your luck!!<3>Donghae: In the new year I hope you become even healthier and may your days be filled with happiness. We love you even more.

Siwon: This year, I hope there are no sad things and that each day will be filled with happiness.

Ryeowook: I love you E.L.F ^^ 2011.1.1

Kyuhyun: In 2011 as well, let’s have an enjoyable time with Super Junior! ^__^

Source: Super Junior Official Website
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