[Trans] Kahi’s full confession on ‘Heroes’ about her past

She talks about Lizzy (this part has been translated by allkpop already so…SKIP) Basically she just said that there are more possibilities for Lizzy than there are for her.

She said that she really liked dancing when she was young. She wanted to be a dancer/singer but her father was very against it. So she ran away from home and tried to earn money to support herself. She has worked at dining places, cafes, and bars. The bars where you dance and serve wine. Then she asked the students if they know about bars like that and the students said no.

Kahi said that when she was working at a bar, a lyric composer oppa told her to not live like that anymore and asked if she wanted to do some real, professional dancing/singing. Kahi told the guy that she wasn’t going to make it as a singer anyway but she would still try her best and do everything possible. And then she went through this period where she forgot about the reason she came to Seoul, about her singer dreams and her father’s criticism. During this period she was crazy about dancing. So she didn’t think she would ever have anything to do with singing.

One day Kahi was listening to music with headphones on and humming and half-singing but then…a composer approached her with a grim face and patted her on the shoulder and told her she sounded like she was in pain. Although it was a joke, the composer’s words were like a knife that stabbed her heart (because it was her dream to become a singer). She was hurt and really sad.

And then she said to herself “Ah, so I don’t have any singing talent. I have talent in dancing…but I don’t have talent in singing”. After she told herself that, she started to practice singing like crazy. She sang all kinds of songs: low pitched/high pitched/male/old songs. She sang everything and anything aloud. She practiced and practiced no matter if the place she was at was quiet or loud. She adopted the habit of humming songs and she just went crazy over singing.

And then finally she had the chance of performing with After School. The members keep adding now. To Kahi, After School is a flesh and blood group: “I saw every member come in after school and this group is like my blood and flesh“.

Then the student asked if she ever had thoughts of giving up. Then Kahi hesitated and then talked about how her grandparents raised her. One time, her grandfather was very sick and he was in the hospital. (Okay, basically the info right here is in that allkpop article..but I’ll recap). Kahi stated that it was her first time talking about this. At the time, she was preparing an event with BoA as backup dancer. She has always wanted to visit her grandpa. And since he was really sick, Kahi wanted to see him. She wanted to take a short leave but she couldn’t because there wasn’t a substitute for her spot. And then she received a phone call telling her that her grandpa’s deathly sick and the person asked Kahi if she could visit (but obviously Kahi couldn’t b/c it was BoA’s big perf). That afternoon, Kahi received the news that her grandpa has passed away.

After this, Kahi said to the students “So why did I have to do this job? I did it to be a singer, I did it for my own dream“..and then she continued, “But I couldn’t be a singer. And as a backup dancer, I couldn’t shine/have the lead role. I really disliked myself. So that’s why I wanted to give up. ” And then she said, “But what made me have courage…was the thought that…my grandfather wouldn’t be happy to see me like this.“

She then asked the students if they knew that After School won first for Because of You. She told the students that when she won, she spoke to her grandfather in her mind and said “be proud of me, grandpa“. Kahi told the students: “There were many more times where I wanted to just give up. But it was a process where I kept fighting with myself. If I had given up then….but it’s not an easy dream to give up…you have to fully devote yourself to it…you have to know how important the dream is to you.” Her final words:

“No talent can surpass hardwork. If you were born with a talent but you don’t try…the talent can get rusty too. If you don’t know what you’re talented at or good at, try harder. If you try, you won’t have any regrets. So I hope all of you can soon find your goal that you can work hard towards. Start working hard at it and make it something you’re good at.“

Source: ASDAZE + @AS_LizzyFacts and @Sinleng
Translator: @pledisAStrans + Sunny
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