[Sharing] I bought a KPOP 2011 calendar today,happy! Will try to find another one to host a mini giveaway ^ ^

Well,i think this is the very first time for me to share such posts with you guys.

I rarely spend money on magazine but i will regret it if i don't buy the latest edition of YG Magazine,the reason is simple,because it comes along with a unique 2011 calendar.

I have been looking for a KPOP calendar since December but honestly i cannot afford the price of those expensive calendars sold on various online shops.

A bit of my own story here,had lunch with my friends at a shop opposite Malaysia Science University this afternoon,after the lunch,walked out of the building and arrived at a shop selling magazines and stationery.

I think i was just too lucky as there was only one copy of the magazine (together with the calendar) left,so i just grabbed and paid.Forgot to mention,after that i fetched my friend Sam back to his hostel,he forgot to photocopy the tutorial exercise for me !!!!!But anyway.....

The calendar is in my room now,happy!!

I will try to find another copy of the calendar so that i can host a mini giveaway to appreciate your support for DKPOPNEWS all the time,i will do my job tomorrow,so please pray hard that i can find another similar one,and of course show your support by commenting on our articles,cheers!