[Pictures] SHINee teared at their 1st concert in Korea

Yesturday, SHINee successfully held their 1st concert in Korea “SHINee World” at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul.

Based on pictures/fan-accounts, the members of SHINee teared during the last song. Surprisingly, the members that cried were the hyungs, Onew, Jonghyun and Key while Minho and SHINee's Maknae, Taemin were comforting their hyungs.

Check out this sweet and touching fan-account here!

The last song was “One”, Minho said that he hoped that SHINee and SHINee World could forever be together. When it was Onew’s turn to sing, he sounded really choked up and started crying after singing a few lines. His eyes were all red and puffy. He turned around so that the camera could not film him and used a towel to wipe his tears. He cried really really badly.


Key basically started crying at the same time as Onew. As soon as his line started, his eyes started to fill with tears.

When Jonghyun was singing, you could tell that he was really moved but he didn’t cry (yet).
Taemin went over to Onew and used the towel around his neck to wipe his tears. Taemin was smiling really brightly and put his arm around Onew’s shoulders to comfort him.


As Key was crying, Minho went over to hug him. Key’s head was resting on Minho’s shoulders as he cried really badly.

Taemin just kept smiling and comforting Onew. He even put his fingers behind Onew’s head to make a rabbit sign. He put one arm around Onew’s shoulder and used his other arm to point at Onew’s face and laughed at him.

At the end when they were doing their thank yous, the accompanying music was “One”. Jonghyun said that there were many things that he felt sorry about in the past period of time. The audience started shouting “It’s ok!” As he spoke, he started crying and kept saying “Sorry SHINee World”. Taemin told the audience to all say “it’s ok” and the whole audience started shouting that. Jonghyun was so touched that he walked to the back and cried really badly.


Fan Account Cr. Baidu Translation: pedo-noona @ Tumblr