[News]Can Korea handle an "overweight" girl group?

Piggy Dolls is a new girl group who recently debuted with the song “Trend,” on various music sites and they are gaining a lot of attention for their weight more than anything else… All three members (Lee Ji-yeon, Kim Min-sun, and Park Ji-eun) collectively weight over 200kg (approximately 441 lbs).
Their song “Trend,” sends a message of self confidence with lyrics such as “‘Without worry, I say proudly,’ ‘What’s wrong with my body? You know my face, personality,’” showing how comfortable they are with their image.
When asked why they decided to debut, Jiyeon answered, “People tend to think skinny people are pretty these days. We want to show that we can be as confident and pretty with this weight. We would like to break the stereotype that only skinny people are pretty.”
Considering how well Big Mama was embraced by the K-pop industry, I’m sure Piggy Dolls will be successful as well. If only their group name wasn’t Piggy Dolls… what do you think?

Source: PopSeoul