[News] Zhoumi temporarily closes his Weibo due to a hacker

Zhoumi has recently closed his Weibo account after being hacked. He first posted, “I was hacked!!” and then said that he was going to temporarily stop using his Weibo due to this.

His alleged hacker posted, “Go die, do you have a conscience? I go, still Geng rice, f*ck the rice. Just seeing HanGeng makes me wanna puke, that country kid. Your rice is so sad, were you born like that?” at 4:18 PM CST. “Geng’s rice” refers to Hangeng’s fanclub name.

Fans have been debating to the legitimacy of the claim and whether or not Zhoumi really was hacked. However, most have been backing Zhoumi as it would make no sense to post something offensive as that. The consequences would be receiving even more hate-mail and it becoming a huge controversy.

Fans have been tweeting “ibelieveinzhoumi” to show their support.

Source: Zhoumi, Evaporate LJ and Koreaboo
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