[News] ZE:A Kim Dongjoon, joining the acting idols

ZE:A's member Kim Dongjoon (19) debuts as an actor. He plays Oh Jihoon, Baek Sul (Jeong Eunchae)'s classmate in KBS 2TV Lunar New Year's special drama 'Crossing the Yeongdo bridge'. Even though he grew up in a poor environment, the bright personality Jihoon listens to the worries of Baek Sul, who's facing problems with her father.

The filmmakers stated: "Since the drama takes place in Busan, we casted Kim Dongjoon after hearing him speak the dialect naturally. During the shooting, he did well, as he was expected to, and received a good response."

Kim Dongjoon confessed: "I was upset because when I was standing for the first time in front of camera I couldn't show more than during practice. But as the time passed, I gradually felt better, it was fun."

'Crossing the Yeongdo bridge' tells the story of family's hostility and reconcilation. Fishermen living at the river Yeongdo with his high school daughter realize the value of family as they get closer to each other. The 80-minutes long drama will be broadcasted on February 4th at 9:50AM.

Source: Newsen
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren
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