[News] Yoochun’s Song : Anger Towards SM

Leaving their former company SM Entertainment due to a legal dispute, the three members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junes have formed as JYJ and the group is now underway.

On January 24th, their music essay album titled “Their Rooms- Our Story” and included in this album is a composed song by Yoochun titled “A Song Without A Name Part 1”, criticizing SM Entertainment. Lyrics such as “We were even a huge hit overseas, we never imagined that this would happen by our performances and letting ourselves be heard. With light steps we went to the office on pay day, but what we got then were bills with minuses. I thought what I saw was a mistake so I tried to get it checked. Everything had been expenses. Damn, everything had been spent due to expenses. What kind of expenses were these that would make everything disappear?,” expressing his thoughts regarding revenues.

“It was the same as what our seniors told us. The people that were earning money for them were abandoned”, he further criticized. “This album is was not created as an effort made to popularize ourselves; it’ completely different. As humans on the day I die, I don’t want to have any regrets and that is what the effort in this album signifies,” he accuses.

JYJ describes this album for us, “We were able to include our true stories quite frankly; we are very happy with what we’ve created. It’s an album with music and with the words that we truly wanted to say. All the songs include our stories from the heart, but the real most important thing is to express our sincerity to our fans”.

On January 28th, JYJ will be holding a fansign event in Seoul.

(T/N: Yoochun’s lyrics are different from other translations because this has been translated from Japanese to English. Try to overlook these differences.)

credit: innolife
trans by: sharingyoochun.net