[News] Viewers on Ju Dayoung and U-KISS's Kiseop "They Match Well"

"Bulgwang-dong honey rice cake's girl" Ju Dayoung and U-KISS Kiseop's two-shot of the same expression has gathered the viewers’ attention.

In MBC Every1 'Real School', Ju Dayoung plays the role of an innocent and 4-dimension bold Ju Dayoung (her character's name), while Kiseop's role is a pretty boy who is aiming for Dongho's spot and has a lot of greed in acting.

These two people (Dayoung and Kiseop) aren't the main actors in the drama, but they manage to show their ever-changing thousand faces, which give the joy to viewers who watch the sitcom.

Some of the viewers' responses were "Real thousand's faces", "Both Dayoung and Kiseop are cute", "Both of you look sweet together", "A well match couple" etc.

Credits: mdtoday (Source) + Angel_In (Translation) + ROCKETBOXX.NET