[News] TEEN TOP, “Person or Figures?”, Revealed a Unique Jacket Photo

Male group TEEN TOP who's going to have their comeback revealed a unique concept jacket photo.
On the 7th, TEEN TOP revealed their jacket photo for the new album 'TRANSFORM' in their official website.
Before, they revealed a 'silver cyborg' concept photo and become a topic everywhere. Now, they revealed a jacket photo with a totally different hairstyles.
We can see some different colors that the members had and some 'gradient' hairstyle. Especially member L.Joe who has a pink hair, and become the center of attention.
And TEEN TOP members who stand still with the same position. They look like some kind of robots or figure, and it's unique.
This album jacket was taken by Hong Janghyun as the photographer, and Park Manhyun (stylist) who work as the visual director. They also worked for Big Bang, Lee Hyori, 2NE1, etc before. That's why we can see a more stylish image of them.
Meanwhile, TEEN TOP will released their teaser in '3 steps'. The 1st one is 'topstar version' video and the 2nd one will be released in their official homepage on 7th January at 5PM.