[News] Taeyang & Teddy on Breezy Art Style Fashion Program

Taeyang, who left to America on last January 8th in order to receive further dance training, has come out in an American fashion video and the korean fans are all excited for it. He appeared on the video with 1TYM's member and YG Entertainment's producer Teddy.

The source of this video is from Vimeo, titled 'Breezy art...Style', uploaded last January 17th at 8.31PM KST. America's famous singer Chris Brown is doing the narration in Taeyang and Teddy's part, and he talks about their fashion sense.

The duration of that video is about 3 min and 34 seconds. Taeyang and Teddy came out with refined looks, wearing black jackets. They're acting playful towards the camera and even did the 'V' pose. Taeyang wears sunglasses and with his mohawk hair and his unshaved face, making his looks really manly.

Chris Brown said in that video, "People just want to be like these artists on TV, and those famous people should be their role model. An Idol is not only doing music but they also have to be an entertainer."

Furthermore there are famous American singers like Pharrell and Big Sean, and Swizz Beatz that is also known as singer Alicia Keys' husband also make their appearance in this video, giving people more surprises.

The foreigners who watched this video are leaving good responses like "I love everyone's style in this video" and "Great webisode". Korean netizens are excited because Taeyang and Teddy are making their appearance in famous American musicians video. Netizens said, "Taeyang and Teddy's style are unique" and, "Although they stand between foreigners their pose is really standing out"

On the other hand, there are rumours going on around the korean fans saying that "isn't Taeyang really preparing his American debut there" and so on. But YG Entertainment representative said, "It's not because personal reasons, he stays there for two weeks to have dance lessons."

Source: 골미남@bbvipz
Translated by: Winalicious@BBVIP.net