[NEWS] Taeyang in the US for 2 weeks + hanging out with Teddy and Aimee

On January 9th, YG Entertainment told OSEN:
“On the 8th, Big Bang’s Taeyang left for America through Incheon Airport. He will be staying there for around two weeks.”
With Big Bang’s comeback scheduled for February, why did Taeyang suddenly take a trip to America?
“It wasn’t a personal reason, but it was for him to receive dance lessons. In order to show an upgraded performance, he went to meet with famous choreographers.
The members are having a short rest before their upcoming album release, but Taeyang volunteered to receive dancing lessons instead. His eagerness is outstanding.”
With the increasing anticipation from fans and music industry associates alike, it was reported that the members are throwing in as much passion and dedication as they can into their album preparations. G-Dragon told OSEN in a recent interview:
“As much as the fans have been waiting, we will come out with a lot prepared and give them great songs. We’ll completely fill the album with good songs and show songs that express our various tastes and personalities.”
T.O.P also expressed:
“Aren’t people saying that these days, the popular music industry is a generation of three week albums? No matter how much effort you put in, if it passes three weeks, there is no opportunity left to show what you have to your fans. Big Bang will surpass those boundaries and will satisfy everyone’s anticipation by going all-in on our album production.”
+) A tweet from Aimee Lucas:

Source: Daum + vitalwarning @ allkpop
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