[News] T-ara Soyeon shows extreme love for Leopard patterns

Soyeon has revealed her liking for leopard patterns through a selca.

She posted a picture on her twitter wearing her pattern outfit and even posted a pun to their song 'PoppiPoppi' and put it as 'Hopi Hopi***'.

In the picture, Soyeon is wearing a leopard pattern top, posing with a cute expression. Even her cellphone case is a leopard print, matching her outfit, causing more buzz over the photo.

Netizens comment, "You look better with the bangs!", "Clothes, matching with cellphone case?" and "Hopi really looks nice on you unnie!"

Cr: Newsen
Written By: Kim BoKyung
Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com