[News] Super Junior M’s Henry to appear on Strong Heart

According to a tweet exchange between @SBSPD and @henry_concerto, Henry will be on Strong Heart. Recording has taken place already.

Original tweets:

@henry_concerto: @SBSPD 안녕하세요!슈주M 헨리 한국 팬사이트입니다. 헨리가 이번주 녹화에 참여했다는게 정말인가요? 헨리로선 한국 토크쇼 첫 출연이라 정말 중요하거든요..! 중국팬들에게 얘기만 들었는데 너무 갑작스러워서 진짜인지 잘 안믿겨서 이렇게 트윗 보냅니다.

@SBSPD: @henry_concerto 헨리씨 녹화했습니다. 내용은 기대하셔도 좋습니다.

Concerto asked for confirmation since they heard about this from Chinese fans and couldn’t believe it. And @SBSPD, who is Strong Heart’s PD Park Sanghyuk, confirmed that Henry has recorded for Strong Heart already.

Credit: → SJ-WORLD.NET