[NEWS] “Sunday Night”; the day of humiliation for idols-Kwanghee eliminated in audition, Kikwang loses girlfriend’s heart

On Sunday night, idols Kwanghee and Lee Kikwang were humilliated.
On the 23rd January episode of MBC’S Sunday Sunday Night Hot Brothers, a popularity poll titled ‘Who Do You Want As Your Oppa or Hyung?’ was held. A judging panel of 25 boys and 25 girls was formed. Poll candidates had to capture the judges’ hearts and make them their fans in order to win.
Beast’s Lee Kikwang attempted to garner votes from the male panel but he failed to capture any hearts from the female panel. In a segment where he had to woo a fake girlfriend, his absurd comedic dance failed to win her heart, making her cry loudly instead. In the end, he did not receive a single vote in the final voting.
During the auditon, Z:EA’s Kwanghee sang a ballad. His wonderful voice was good enough to make people forget his normally frivolous nature for the moment. But the judging panel were strangely cool towards him, only giving him a low mark of 26 points out of 40.
Kwanghee and Kim Hyun Chul tasted the bitter feeling of elimination together, leaving them teary eyed.
source: newsen, beastchina
trans: yangting1302@mybeastyboys