[NEWS] Singer Junu suffers humiliation because of a photo with G-Dragon?

New artist Junu uploaded to me2day a photo of him taken with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and received a lot of humiliation from the public for his big head.

Junu uploaded a photo of him and G-Dragon that was taken at the recording of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate. After the photo was revealed it received an explosion of interest from the public because of the comparison between G-Dragon’s small face to Junu’s big face, receiving lots of humiliation.

Meanwhile on Sunday 30th at 12:00am Junu’s performance on Kim Jun Eung’s Chocolate will be broadcasted. Junu has launched a successful debut with his song “Keep the faith”

+) Junu's Keep the Faith

Source: BNT + Translated: alee @ ibigbang & Big Bang Updates
Credit : Ophelle @ Big Bang Updates