[News] Singapore suju fans calls for SS4 after watching their first SS3

To some fans, Super show 3 Singapore(SS3SG) might just be another concert they just saw but to most of the fans in singapore, the super show 3 concert that was held yesterday is a dream come true.

Many of the fans in singapore had their dream acheived by watching their first super show 3 concert and seeing their idols live for the first time. Previously, when super junior came to singapore for the first time to be the spokesperson for Samsung Galaxy phone, many of the fans missed it as the venue only accomodates 1600 fans. This time round, more than 10000 fans came to watch and it was an amazing concert.
Most fans were speechless at their performances and some could only place their lightstick down and watch their performance in awe.

Some of our DKP authors(including me), who were super junior fans took this opportunity to take a closer look at Super Junior's awesome performances, stages and we were simply awed by them.

Super Junior was in great demand even before they had a concert in Singapore as fans asked for a Singapore stop during Super show 2. After watching Super Show3, many fans were excited as they eagerly asked for a Singapore stop in Super show 4(SS4).
SS4 was trending on twitter worldwide trend because singapore fans can't stop talking about it.

Full article by Ting18@ dailykpopnews