[News] SHINee's Lucifer Vs Jelena Karleuša's Muskarac koji mrzi zene? Another Case of Plagiarism

Another plagiarism? Many korean groups or korean artist has been involve in this case. Here's a new case of plagiarism.

A Serbian pop singer named Jelena Karleuša, also a fashion designer and a former columnist, had been caught in plagiarism just recently because of her song "Muskarac koji mrzi zene" (A Man Who Hates Woman) which is said to be a copycat of SHINee's song "Lucifer" which was release last year. Muskarac koji mrzi zene and Lucifer had the same melody and beat thus really looks like that the Serbian pop singer copyrighted Lucifer.

SM Entertainment said they will make an action for Jelena Karleuša, for she had commited an obvious plagiarism.

Check the two songs out!

Jelena Karleuša - Muskarac koji mrzi zene

SHINee- Lucifer

I was shock when i heard JK's song! OBVIOUS COPYCAT!

Article by:sukira@dkpopnews.net