[News] SHINee Onew and Minho Showed Their Support To TVXQ

Following BoA, Sungmin and Shindong, SHINee members Onew and Minho also showed their support to the TVXQ duo HoMin.

The two SHINee members posted messages and also a picture with TVXQ Changmin on their me2day saying this,

SHINee Onew,

With ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’!!! Not even once are we disappointed by Yunho hyung~Changmin hyung!!! Did you know it was starting recently~~^^? With today’s first comeback performance from our TVXQ hyungs, please watch out for them!!!Ahjajajajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!Fighting!!!!!!!!!!

SHINee Minho

Everyone~ Did you see our TVXQ hyung’s first performance? Although the ‘realness’ was impressive… the features of TVXQ Yunho hyung’s are always visible~ Changmin hyung! I want to be as awesome as them. We endeavor to be like them and will try hard to watch them and cheer for them!^^

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me2day Trans Cr: AA-CHAN