[News] Popsicle Karam, U-Know Yunho's fan picture 'Good example of a successful fan

Outdated: 110114

The Boss's unit Popsicle (Mika, Karam, Jay) member Karam finally met DBSK's U-know Yunho.

On the 14th Karam posted through twitter "I got to meet a star I respect so much, U-know Yunho. He gave good advice and it was a very happy day! Congratulations on 1st place! Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Success!^^* " and revealed a picture with DBSK's Yunho and Changmin.

DBSK and Popsicle both performed on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' that aired on the 14th. This picture seems to have been taken in the waiting room with Karam in between the two DBSK members while holding a copy of 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' Special album in his hand.

In a past broadcast Karam revealed that "While watching DBSK member U-know Yunho, I felt a once in a life time chance. He then dreamt of becoming a singer, trying out at a dance competition in high school and eventually debuting as a singer." So U-know Yunho inspired him to raise his dream of becoming a singer.

Fans say that Karam couldn't say anything in front of his admiration Yunho. They posted the sightings on twitter and are surprised how he is a huge fan of Yunho.

Fans showed reactions of "Good example of a successful fan", "Karam, you finally met him! I hope you guys become close", "You seemed so shy", "It's obvious you were trying to hold in your happiness".

Source: Newsen
Translator: jenn`♫ @AstroMAFIA.com