[NEWS] Point in G.NA's 'Black & White?' Sexy And Bubbly Push-Pull Dance, Warning of Greatness!

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[Newsen Reporter Kim Bokyung]

G.NA’s first full-length album title track ‘Black & White’ was released through music sites and her music video was released at the same time.

Her agency Cube Entertainment, presented the title track that is the same as the album title ‘Black & White’ via their official homepage and her official Youtube channel.

G.NA garnered much attention due to her new cute and bubbly image with ‘Black & White.’ G.NA caused many clenched fists with her explosive singing ability and powerful dance with ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better.’ This time, G.NA shows an individual voice with lyrics that are easy to sing along to, along with a playful and addictive melody that will grab many people.

You can be verified of G.NA’s fresh dancing ability throughout parts of the music video. G.NA wears a black all-in-one costume and puts two hands on her hips and flicks them. This dance has earned the name the ‘push-pull dance’ and is rumored to be a hit this winter. G.NA’s even more lovely facial expressions mixed well with the cute but sexy feeling.

On another note, in the recently released music video, G.NA and 2AM’s Jinwoon collaborate as cute lovers that are teasing each other back and forth. Right when Jinwoon was about to ‘kiss’ G.NA, he jokingly escapes her by doing something else, angering her. This was the climax of the video. In the end though, Jinwoon gives G.NA a warm ‘back hug’ and the video ends.

(Photo = G.NA ‘Black & White’ Music Video Capture)

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