[News] “Night After Night” writer apologizes to fans of Big Bang’s Daesung

The writer of SBS’s variety program, “Night After Night,” made a formal apology to fans of Big Bang’s Daesung, but many have been wondering why.

Fans began revolting against the show ever since the writer inserted a concept that made fun of Daesung’s physical appearance. Other rumors of a guest hitting Daesung on the head only increased the anger and aggravation of his fans.

But it all reached a boiling point after netizens discovered the following tweet from the writer: “There are a lot of crazy children in this world. I’m hearing a lot of crazy things as I live on. It was meant for a laugh, why are you attacking as if your life depended on it? Where can you use that head of yours for?”
Big Bang fans immediately replied to her Twitter, asking for an apology. The writer relented on January 23rd and wrote, “I apologize for causing a disturbance with my post! That day, filming was completed in a good atmosphere. I’m close with Daesung and the producers, and really like them!”

She continued, “I saw a tweet regarding my program and wrote my personal thoughts because I was so upset. I was too careless. I am so sorry to the Daesung fans, I bow my head in apology. Once again, I apologize for causing a disturbance.”

Despite her apology, fans have been flocking to the “Night After Night” community board, requesting for her termination.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translation Credit: VITALSIGN@Allkpop