[News] MBLAQ’s “Cry” – Song, Dance, MV, 3 Perfect Combinations

MBLAQ’s “Cry” released- song, dance, mv, 3 perfect combinations

After boy idol group MBLAQ’s new song “Cry” is released, there are a lot of good comments on the song.

3rd Jan morning, one of MBLAQ’s 1st full album “BLAQ List”‘s title song “Cry” is released.

At the same moment, its mv is also been unveiled. The song, dance and the styles let a lot of fans get to learn the new side of their idols. This also caused the anticipation towards the boys’ comeback to increased.

“Cry” describes a man who wanted to chase after his lover. This song is composed by the same composers of SNSD’s “Gee”, E-Tribe.

After the release, people on the internet commented that, “I think MBLAQ’s comeback will caused a huge commotion! It will be like an explosure!”"It is difficult for my eyes to leave the screen while watching the mv”"Everyone is so perfect.”and other kind of shock comments.

To add on, MBLAQ will release their second title song on the 5th, and the full album will be release on the 10th Jan.

Source: Nate.com
Korean/Chinese Translation: MBLAQ China
Chinese/English Translation: t00tme@mblaqattack.com