[NEWS] Leeteuk & Heechul Involved In A Seven-Cars Accident In Singapore

Male group Super Junior's members Leeteuk and Kim Heechul was in a 7 cars pile up in Singapore.

A rep from SM Entertainment on January 30th said, "I think the fans were really excited since it was the first time that Super Junior's Super Show was held in Singapore. Thankfully, the members have no injury that they had no problem going on the stage. Only the van was damaged."

The rep added, "But since the aftereffect of an accident is scary, when they arrive in Korea on the 31st, we are going to tell them to get an examination."

After SM Town Live in Tokyo concert ended, Leeteuk and Kim Heechul went to Singapore for their Super Show 3 concert before the other members. When the fans in Singapore heard the news of their arrival, many people went to the airport, overcrowding the airport.

Some die-hard fans took taxis to follow the vans that the two people were riding on which resulted in a 7 cars accident.

When the accident occurred, Leeteuk talked about the accident on his Twitter saying, "It's good if you want to follow our car, but be careful when you come. A 7 cars accident, front and back. I almost died."

Kim Heechul left a request to the fans saying, "Hey hey, if you want to see us, to the concert venue, go go. Everyone is in danger. I don't want the past to pass before my eyes ever again~."

Source: MyDaily
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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