[News] Lee Seung Gi, Lee Teuk, ''Will be going before long'' Advance notice of military enlistment on Strong Heart

Lee Jung, who completed his military service in the Marines not too long ago, was a guest on Strong Heart aired on January 18th. He and SeungGi had known each other since the NonStop 5 days. He was first talking about how much SeungGi had changed during the last two years. Then he told a story from his Marine days.
He said he went to a store to buy ice cream, and the ajumma there recognized him (as a celebrity). But he soon got humiliated when the ajumma said kids like Lee Seung Gi weren’t showing up (in the military) [implying Lee Jung wasn't the kind of kids like SeungGi]. So he replied that kids like Lee Seung Gi would also join the military, and she would see them soon.
In his video message to the ajumma, SeungGi said, “I think I’ll also be going before long. And I’ll go buy ice cream. By then some other people would be popular, and I would also be worried about being humiliated by some kids.”
Lee Teuk also said, “Kids like me will also be going soon.”

source: tvreport
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