[News] Lee Min Ho Said, “I Don’t Have a Youthful Looking Face”

Pretty boy Lee Min Ho said, “I don’t have a youthful looking face.”

Born in the year of the rabbit and planning to appear in “City Hunter” which will broadcast in May, Lee Min Ho was also in MBC Drama “Personal Taste” and received nicknames such as, “Honey Eyes,” “Cold City Guy,” “Rich Guy,” etc. Lee Min Ho is especially receiving a lot more attention because of the photos shared by his fans and given new nicknames because of them. However, netizens were surprised and said, “He must be joking,” by the comment he made.

Netizens who saw him at the MBC Drama Awards, which aired in December, stated that they couldn’t find Jun Jin Ho, the character he played in “Personal Taste,” in him, and praised his appearance by calling him, “Lee Beauty,” “Juvenescence Min Ho,” and “Fairy Pitta.” [Note: Fairy Pitta is a type of bird found in Korea]

From an interview Lee Min Ho did for a Japanese broadcast, he stated, “I believe that I do not have a youthful looking face. It’s a disadvantage that I have as a human being Lee Min Ho, but I believe it’s an advantage as an actor.”

Some of the netizens commented, “Lee Min Ho’s blunder added for 2011,” “I was surprised to find out that he was born the same year as me. However, I still want to call him oppa,” “When he acts, he seems like an oppa, but when I look at his photos, he seems like a dongseng, so I like that,” etc.

Lee Min Ho received the Best Dresser Award from the Drama Awards which aired in December, and addition to it, he won the Male Excellence Award for his appearance in MBC Drama “Personal Taste.”

Original Source: osen.co.kr
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World