[NEWS] Lee Kikwang becomes Kim Tae Hee’s substitute , ‘a transformed princess wearing pink pyjamas and a flower headband’

Beast member Lee Kikwang who has successfully debuted as a serious actor makes a perfect transformation to become Kim Tae Hee, the ‘silly princess’.

In a recent filming of the MBC drama My Princess, Kikwang wore a flower headband and pink pyjamas , acting as the character Lee Seol’s substitute.

To take Lee Seol’s place, Lee Kikwang who dressed up like a girl for the part looked like he could be a younger female version of himself. During filming, Kikwang who looked even prettier than a girl acted out a comedy scene that livened up the atmosphere on set. According to the script, to prevent the revival of the imperial family , Park Hae Young reveals the explosive news that he is getting married to Lee Seol. Because of this, Lee Seol secretly escapes from the palace and Kikwang takes her place. Due to the current circumstances, Lee Seol who escaped together with Nam Jung Woo from the palace cannot return there, so she begs Kikwang who is working as a chef in the palace at the moment to take her place.

Kikwang who claims to be Kim Tae Hee’s strong backing wore pink pyjamas and pretended to sleep on Princess Lee Seol’s bed.

Kikwang who has a friendly and good personality is occupying his own corner on set. Although his role in My Princess is his first serious acting debut, the character that he plays is very similar to his own character, allowing him to get into the role very easily.

Kikwang’s company Cube Entertainment stated, ” Due to his vibrant personality, he can be the top star and king of flightyness on set. His acting sunbaes have a huge responsibility when they act, but because his role is similar to his character, he manages to fit in naturally. Please look forward to more diversity from Lee Kikwang in future.”

Meanwhile, in the episode airing on 19th January, Kikwang who becomes a royal chef will meet up with Kim Tae Hee again . Kikwang who is Kim Tae Hee’s strong backing has acting skills that are gaining popularity fast.

SOURCE : nate, beastchina & mybeastyboys
CREDIT : yangting1302 @ mybeastyboys