[NEWS] Lee Hyori crowned as the 'Eyeliner Terminator', first place for males taken by Big Bang's T.O.P !

Singer Lee Hyori was crowned as being the 'eyeliner terminator'.

The professional make-up brand Cleo has carried out a poll on the topic: 'The male.female stars that match best with eyeliners are?' last December for a month targeting the homepage's 2,888 members.

The results, first place for females was Lee Hyori with an overwhelming support of 74%(2,136 people), first for male stars was taken by Big Bang's T.O.P with the support of 45.6%(1,318 people).

This poll was taken place by Cleo to celebrate the 'waterproof pen liner kill-black sales reaching 300,000'.

In particular, the recent eyeliner is emerging since it has edge to it, it's very stylish and it's a must-have item for females, and it helps males to diffuse their charisma, it is a very popular item and it has also become an essential item for stars.

Following shortly second place was B2ST's Lee Kikwang and model Jang Younjoo with the support of each 26.6%(767 people), 9.6%(277 people).

Also Kang Seungyooun(16.7%, 483 people) and T-ara's Jiyeon(7.2%, 208 people) came third, and for fourth place 2AM's Chokwon(6%, 174 people) and 2NE1's CL(5.4%, 157 people) were selected. Lastly Jay Park(5.1%, 146 people) and Chae Jeongan(3.8%, 110 people) came fifth.

As Lee Hyori who has usually been the beauty wannabe with her trendy make-up styles took first place with the overwhelming support, Netizens said 'The eyeliner-girl who uses different eye make-ups to her full 100%!', 'Obviously! The eyeliner terminator Lee Hyori'.

Also for T.O.P who has been selected as the first place for male stars, he had these responses 'The eyes that maximize the effects of eyeliners', 'the best at eye-charisma!'