[News] Kyuhyun wins 1st place as "Musical Rising Star" in the poll for the 2010 Golden Ticket Awards

Winners announcement: January 7, 2011.

What is it? The Golden Ticket Awards is an event held once a year, the decision of who receives the award is based on a ranking and volume of sales criteria. It's an award given on chosen authenticity which adds up to the final number of votes obtained from the audience.

Newly revised system

Quality: ranking score + sales volume + online voting (only the 'Show I want to see again' 100% online voting)

Ticket power: ticket power 70% + online voting 30% (only the 'Musical Rising Star' 100% online voting)

T/N: From what I gathered, the
Musical Rising Star Award is assigned purely on the basis of online voting. However, even if the poll closed just now, since online voting can surprise people at the last minute, let's wait for the final announcement! ^^

Source. @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET //http://ticket.interpark.com/goldenticket/2010/2010Goldenticket.asp