[NEWS] Kim Heechul Reveals "If S.E.S Fight, they Don't Even Look At Each Other"

Super Junior's Kim Heechul has revealed a secret about S.E.S. On the January 26th episode of "Golden Fishery-Radio Star", Heechul stated "I know everything about S.E.S' past" and "It was really scary when the three members would fight to the point that they wouldn't even look at each other."

S.E.S is a legendary girl group featuring members Eugene, Shoo and Sea (Bada). They debuted in 1997 but unfortunately disbanded in 2002. Shoo was a guest on this episode and stated, "During trainee days, I heard that Bada's blood type is AB and she matches the personality of someone with AB blood." At this point Heechul joked "AB bloodtype? The members must've had a hard time," causing laughter to erupt in the studio.

Source: Sports Chosun
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