[News] KARA's URAKARA received high ratings despite being aired at midnight

KARA's Japanese drama URAKARA will be broadcasted in Korea's TV channel after being aired in Japan for 2 weeks.

It has been recently announced that Cable channel TvN will be showing KARA's URAKARA on the 28th January, 8:30 pm. "URAKARA" is a 12-episode drama revolving around KARA being transformed into love agents, getting involved in dating missions to win the hearts of the other parties. Inorder to succeed in their mission, KARA tries hard to learn what is the true meaning of love in a reality situations and thereby learning truly how to be a topstar. One moment, KARA is all innocent and happy, then suddenly in another moment, they teared because of the pain of love. In this drama, KARA members' portrayal of different characteristics, displaying different experiences of love and their mature and witty dialogues are the biggest selling points of the drama.

The first episode was broadcasted on the 14th of January at midnight. Despite the late broadcasting slot, it receives a high rating of 4% and thereby showing us once again KARA's popularity in Japan. According to Japan Tv officials, getting even a 2% rating at this time slot is already an achievement itself. As compared to last year, Japan's own idols NEWS's as well as AKB48's dramas, KARA received twice as high the rating. After showing the first episode, the commonly seen comments on Japan's net is : "No matter in what case, "URAKARA" is quite unique because what is most important is not the plot but it is rather to see KARA's portrayal of their given characters in the drama. We got addicted because of that." This drama have gotten a lot of good feedbacks.

To add on, tvN is doing a online event for URAKARA. They will release drama related activities on their website, luckydraws on related matters on the first 4 episode of URAKARA. Stand to win KARA's autographed souvenirs!

Translated by: dreamgal_91@KH
Source: Newsen
Taken from: karafamily.net