[News] Kara's Kang Ji Young, turned down 2AM Chang Min's proposal "No, thank you"

Kara's Kang Ji Young turned down 2AM Chang Min's proposal.

On KBS 2TV "Entertainment Weekly" aired on January 8 (MC Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Si Young), Kang Ji Young stated, "I like someone who can sing well like Chang Min Oppa, but I wonder whether there's someone better out there."

Chang Min once showed his affection and said, "I only wait for Kang Ji Young to graduate from high school." Kang Ji Young faltered a bit then said, "It's fine but no, thank you.
I like people that sing well and are fun, but I think there is someone out there who is a bit more fun and sings better."

TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAMfor2AM - 2AM International Forum