[News] Jung Woo Sung, Lee Seung Gi and KARA received commendations from government; spreading of korean culture

According to CRI online, recently, Korean artistes Woo Sung Jung, Lee Seung Gi as well as KARA have gotten commendations from the government due to the significant contribution to the spreading of korean culture towards the outside world.

(This article goes on to talk about Woo Sung Jung and Lee Seung Gi's contribution. Skipping those part and going straight in to kara's related news.)

Kara's successful debut to the japanese market is also an act of spreading the korean culture globally. Hence, Woo sung Jung, Lee Seung Gi and of course KARA have seen to be contributing significantly to the expansion of the 'korean wave', and thereby receiving the commendations. 

Translated by: dreamgal_91@KH
Source: CRI Online
Taken from: CRI Online