[NEWS] JaeJoong sleeps with......

From Fukutaro's Blog:
"This time’s trip to Korea, I completely understood the reason why [Kim Jaejoong] is loved by everyone
Long time no see, the day of reunion we drank until there’s daylight, and then went home
Together we made music, chatted, and slowly I became sleepy, and fell asleep on the floor.

Don’t know how long later, I woke up, realized I was covered with a blanket
Korea is really cold, if you sleep without being covered by a blanket, you will certainly get a cold…

But what surprised me was not that he covered me with a blanket, but he was sleeping by my side, with me…
Clearly he could have slept in his own bed, but he deliberately got the blankets, and slept with me on the floor….

Even though there’s only one blanket, but this made me feel, his gentleness, this is probably why everyone loves him.

I always thought before, there’s no good person like this in the world. So I felt from the bottom of my heart, this is a person worth being eternally trusted.

The person that can make people feel such warmth

Please always be my important friend

Everyone’s thoughts, I have already delivered.

We will meet again, laugh with everyone
You, shining with light, is our sun!!

Best Friend see you next time…"

Source: fukutaro’s blog
Credit: herobar
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