[News] IU's Dream High OST "Someday" Accused Of Plagiarism Issue!

Recently in a community site, someone proclaimed that IU's Dream High OST "Someday" has the same sound as the singer Ash's ' To My Boyfriend' which was release in 2005.

They are saying that Someday is originally written by Park Jin Young and when Someday was first broadcast it became popular. Netizens says that Someday's repeat part and To My Boyfriend repeat part is the same.

Netizens questioned Park Jin Young if he copied the song because there is no doubt that the two song has the same tune. As for the netizens they are sending their sympathies to IU.

On the other hand, IU as a singer accepted the challenge as part in the current singing drama series in KBS 'Dream High'.

THANKS NIKKA for the tip about the song, so guys if you wanna hear the song you can go to this "link". I found another one too, so you can go to this "link" either. BUT THIS ONE IS REALLY THE CLOSEST ONE TO IU's LISTEN TO IT "HERE" THANKS NUTTINEE!
Be the judge! ^_^

Trans by:sukira@dkpopnews.net