[News] IU ''Acting? It's new and exciting… I'm having fun!

KBS 2TV ‘Dream High’… “Instead of being greedy, I’m adjusting”
Music, dramas, variety shows, she is everywhere.

Last year, IU achieved instant stardom with her title track ‘Good Day’ from her mini-album ‘Real.’ She is welcoming new challenges for the new year. Through the KBS 2TV miniseries ‘Dream High,’ she has gained acting experience. In the drama, she plays the role of Kim Pil Sook. The character is a ‘diamond in the rough’ whose talent is shadowed by her external appearance. As the story proceeds, it’s a role that will continue to shine brighter. In a recent interview with Sports Korea, IU could not hide her sincere interest in acting.

“Everything is so new and exciting. There are so many things I get to do for the first time, and so it’s a lot of fun. I think it’s more so because the role I play is such a lively character. I too am excited to get to know more about this girl. We have a lot in common.”

With ‘Good Day,’ IU became an instant star, and even under the spotlight, she seems to be well beyond her years and considers herself to be ‘over-hyped.’ Even being cast in drama, she shows no pretension or comfort in the opportunity. When asked what her goals are as an actor, she replies “for the audience to not feel any discomfort while watching.” She also states “when I’m asked such questions, I begin to realize I’m actually acting now” and “since this is my first performance as an actor, and not a singer, instead of being greedy, I’m just trying to adjust to everything.”

‘Dream High’ is a drama about Kirin Arts High School, where students who wish to become singers fight for their dreams and passions. Before her debut in September of 2008, IU spent her days as a trainee, and so she can easily relate to the characters. She often looks back at her past diaries in order to prepare the right emotions for the role. Embodying the nervousness and uncertainty of the day-to-day life of a passionate trainee, IU stands before the camera.

IU says she really enjoys new challenges. Another source of great joy for her is being cast on the SBS variety show ‘Heroes.’ Thanks to her fellow cast members, from same-age Jiyeon (T-ara) to motherly Noh Sayeon, IU has been able to get over her shyness and now excels on variety shows. To show her gratitude, IU gives it her all for each episode and brings such energy to the program.

It wasn’t enough for her to take over the music scene, and now IU is everywhere in dramas and variety shows as well. We asked what her wishes were for 2011. Without fail, she gave a simple but honest response.

“I hope I don’t get sick and can maintain good health. Just before I began ‘Good Day’ promotions, I became so weak, I was even taken to the emergency room. That’s when I realized. That the moment you lose your health, that’s when you lose everything. There are so many things I want to do, so I can’t afford to get sick. If I could spend the whole year in good health, there’s nothing more I’d ask for.”

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Source: Sports Korea
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