[News] International A+ United, Gathered $890 Worth Of Donation To The Victims Of Natural Disasters In Indonesia

Last 27th December, 2010, International A+, the name MBLAQ’s fans, an idol band from South Korea, under the name of Good Luv for Indonesia project has completed their charity project of donation to the victims of three natural disasters in Indonesia through the Indonesian Red Cross Foundation.

As we know, last September and October of 2010, Indonesia has been devastated by three different natural disasters, earthquakes and tsunami in Mentawai, volcano eruption in Jogyakarta and flash floods in Wasior, Papua. The disasters have gone and left numerous victims of death, injured, and survivors that are still need help.

Inspired by the band’s hit song of “One Better Day”, the project team have gathered fans from various international forums of MBLAQ around the world through their project’s website at http://goodluvforindonesia.webs.com/ and twitter @GoodLuvForIndo, and managed to compiled a total donation estimated worth of Rp 8,000,000.- or approximately US$890 in forms of baby milk, clothes and cash donation that has been delivered in three different batches.

The first batch of the donation project was in form of baby milk donation has been delivered on 4th November 2010 to a post aid located in Pakem, Yogyakarta, near to the Merapi volcano eruption’s victims’ temporary tents to answer the critical demands of babies need at that time. The second batches were in form of 7 boxes of clothes that were done in two different cities in Indonesia, Pontianak and Jakarta. Those clothes were delivered in the middle of November and early December through a charity foundation and the Red Cross Foundation. The last batch of the charity project were in form of cash donation with the total amount of Rp 4,700,000.- or approximately US$520 delivered to the Indonesia Red Cross Foundation on the 27th December, 2010.

For the project transparency, the team project have put all of the project and donation details in a project book that they have sent to J.Tune Camp, the label company of MBLAQ in South Korea and publish on their website. Aside from story of the project itself, the book also contained various messages from the fans involved in this project. From a two years old girl, Aleeta, that has donated her birthday gift money, and up to Kirin Radio, a Kpop radio based in USA, all the donators and affiliation forums have their saying in this book. Attached are pictures derived from the project book.

Lastly, the project team said that even though the donation were not sufficient enough to help the numerous number of the natural disaster victims, but they hope with these little efforts, they can show the victims that there are still hopes and another better days waiting for them in the future.

Source: GoodLuvForIndonesia Team