[NEWS] Infinite’s Hoya looks like JYJ’s Junsu?

Hoya from the idol group, Infinite, has been attracting attention because of his similar looks to JYJ’s Junsu.
Hoya posted a selca picture on the 19th, at around 11 PM, on his Twitter saying “At the awards ceremony!”. In the picture, you can see Hoya brightly smiling while showing a V-sign. His clear skin on the white background and vivid eyes make him stand out. 
Netizens who saw the picture all said, “In this picture, Hoya looks exactly like JYJ’s Junsu”. Following this, reactions formed such as, “Hoya’s eye line and the shape of his mouth looks exactly like Junsu’s. And the hairstyle’s similar too”, “He looks like Junsu’s younger twin”, and, “Junsu and Hoya are both cute”. 
On the other hand, Infinite revealed ‘BTD’ on the 6th, and are planning to open a showcase in Japan in April.
trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
Source: infinite updates and Nate