[NEWS] In Communist China... Song Hye Gyo is single, Yoona does porn.

The interest in Korean entertainment from Chinese media has seem to gone a bit overboard.

One Chinese paper claimed, "Korean top stars Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin have broken up." They reported that the reason for the break up was that the two could not meet often. They concluded their reasoning for stating so is because Hyun Bin did not thank Song Hye Gyo when he won an award at the 2010 SBS Acting Awards. Also included was the fact that Song Hye Gyo was silent during a question regarding Hyun Bin at a Taiwanese press conference.

It doesn't end there. The Chinese media has stated, "Yoona in Adult Video" due to the fact that someone that looks similar to her was in a Japanese adult video titled 美脚傳說. The stars of the movie are also on the cover wearing similar marine outfits to what SNSD was wearing during their "Genie" activities. This media outlet have also stated, "Yoona got plastic surgery on her eyes, nose, and lips which is why her face looks different." This plastic surgery accusation has also caused much surprise.

Once such false and malicious reports were made rather than Song Hye Gyo, Hyun Bin, or SM Entertainment, it is the netizens that are more upset. Some users commented, "They causing malicious scars. We can't just let them be." "They are beyond facts. I'm flabbergasted more than anything. I don't think I can trust Chinese media." "I'm thankful that they're interested in Korean entertainers, but I hope they would stop reporting such lies as if they were facts..."

Translated by: fizzjizz
Source: Naver Article
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